While we work, being active, relax, sleep, at home or on road: products should make life simpler - increasing quality of our lives.

Telmone products are doing just that.

Fabrics, stitches, natural distillations, cooking materials are among few on our daily quality checklist.


We work hard to make your sleep a real cloud dream.

SiegfriedKummer delivers sleep.

It is up to you, when and what to dream.

Roll up mattress

Roll up or secondary mattress, no matter how you call it, it simply does his job.
- At home: making bed out of you old bed or sofa.
- On road: enabling sleep whenever you go.
  • premium quality

  • massage effect

  • breathable effect

Cook in colors

Cooking is fun.

Cooking is as important as Love.

Fazzoli adds colors into cooking family process.

Personal care

Build with care, no matter the costs.

No compromises.

Your skin is the best way to tell the world how beautiful you really are.

We help to stay that way.

Clean Home

Clean by Sweden - natural way how to maintain clean home without health risks of habitants.

Simple, casual and no fuss.