Sales generator

Telmone Sales Generator makes Telemarketing as effective as possible.

Clients life time is essential for long term stable profit.

Ideal of opening new outgoing sales projects without investment – pay as you go.

Cloud CRM

CallCentre & Homework

CRM is tuned for Telemarketing in form of home working (lead generation) and Call centers (sales).

Suitable for B2B companies and for B2C primarily already in Inbound B2C Calls and are in need to add Outbound B2C Sales.


Made in Europe

Products are designed and manufactured in Europe.

More than 60% of materials, components are Europe sourced.

Europe stands for quality and innovations for maintain long-term relationship with customers.


Cycle Behavior

Good customer is a returning customer.

Garanto Automatization helps us to manage cycle sales, developing cycle behavior on an existing customer, bringing loyalty to higher level.

  • Availability

    Fulfilling client’s expectations, always on stock and ready do ship out.

    When they found product they love, they should get exactly that, when they like.

  • Health

    Products designed to protect health by default.

  • Saving

    Garanto is money saver.

    It is just cheaper than regular pricing.

  • Individuality

    We all are different, therefore we all love personal approach.

    It’s easy to adjust it, almost no limits.

App for Clients

Additional communication & sales channel.

Brings us to higher emotional experience, more functionality and personality.

Available 24/7.

Farming clients

Detect and Create Demand

Client nurturing is Client Farming

Clients should be farmed properly, with care and love.

More than 90 functions in Telmone put your Sales on track.

Churn rate lower than 2% per month is piece of cake, if you farm clients properly.